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What is WebMail?
WebMail provides a Web interface to your domain email accounts(i.e., and allows users to access Email from a web browser, anywhere. WebMail lets users take personal address book, folders, filters, and multiple email accounts with them anywhere on the Internet!  WebMail can be used by itself, or in conjunction with your current email software (i.e. Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, etc.).

Built in virus protection

All email arriving through Webmail is free from viruses.
Inbound email is rigorously tested to ensure the utmost in performance, virus identification, confinement and elimination of all email-bourne viruses.

Built in spam filter
Several new options have been added to the Spam Blocker system to further combat unwanted mail. There have been instances where spammers will relay spam to you through your ISP. When this occurs, the Spam Blocker is fooled because your ISP is usually trusted or is typically not an originator of the spam. To resolve this problem, Webmail can check the IP addresses found in all the 'Received' headers within SMTP and DomainPOP collected mails. With this new switch, all the IP's in the source route of the message will be checked and if any one of them is found to be a known spam source, the message will be flagged or otherwise dealt with according to the Spam Blocker settings. Also, we employ Outbreak Protection, a real-time database used by the major anti-spam companies to catch bot-net spammers during their initial spam blast.

Why Use WebMail?
WebMail gives users all of the functions of a typical email client application, but also offers the advantages of web-based email. By using a web browser to access email via WebMail, users can access their Email from any standard web browser anywhere on the Internet.  WebMail does not require reconfiguration to use, and does not leave any traces of messages on the Internet terminal; an ideal feature for anyone that travels.

What does WebMail cost?
WebMail is currently included free with our web hosting plans B,C and D.