spam filtering service

ABS Internet is happy to introduce our new service - SpamVault. SpamVault is the easiest and most powerful email spam filtering service available. SpamVault does all the work for you, and there’s nothing to install, maintain, or service. This award-winning hosted spam filtering solution blocks spam, offensive content, hacking attacks, and other threats. Web-based access is provided for each user to review all quarantined email.

How does it work? You simply redirect your email – your MX records – to our servers, and our hosted antispam service filters your email before passing the good mail on to you. We go out of our way to make sure that any legimate emails (known as false positives) don’t get accidentally marked as spam, so you don’t have to worry about losing important email.
End User Management Individual users have secure web-based access to any email that has been tagged as spam and placed in quarantine, which they can review without downloading the email and placing their computer or entire network at risk. Each user of our email spam filtering service can also receive an optional Spam Digest report that allows them to review their spam quarantine without having to manage an extra ’junk’ email folder.
Company Administrator Dashboard Our web-based Administrator Dashboard lets you set email spam filter service policies, configure complex mail routing, view advanced reports and statistics, and monitor filter performance. You can even control mail policies on a per-user basis, with the ability to control features such as whitelists and blacklists, email and attachment blocking, email and attachment tagging, and email quarantine settings.
Email Spooling A crash of an email server can be a major problem. With our email spam filtering service, if your email server goes down, we store your email for up to 96 hours until your server is brought back online.
Service and Support ABS provides technical service and support for our hosted spam filtering service. Security analysts and networking experts monitor email threats around the clock and proactively take action to ensure service continuity for all protected domains and email users.