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ABS Internet has enjoyed serving the Encino community! We look forward to helping you with your IT and computer related issues. Feel free to browse the site to learn more about how our computer tech support services can benefit your business. We have monthly managed service maintenance as well as remote and on-site technical help.

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Fun facts about Encino, California:

  • It derives its name from the Rancho Los Encinos (Ranch of the Evergreens), a parcel of land given to three Mission Indians by the Mexican government following its secularization of the California missions beginning in 1834. Rancho Encino was established in 1845.
  • Population: 41,905
  • The character Patchy the Pirate from SpongeBob SquarePants lives in Encino.
  • Encino is home to L.A.'s largest Earth Day festival, held annually at Woodley Park.
  • For over a millennium, the area known as Encino was the home of a massive California live oak known as the Encino Oak Tree.